Trimble Township Community Forest

Wildlife corridor between the Trimble Wildlife Area and the Wayne National Forest

The Trimble Community Forest is AOA’s largest owned property at 1205 acres.  The property fronts on Derthick, Taylor Ridge, and Bethel Ridge Roads in Trimble Township of Athens County just north of the Village of Glouster, Ohio. The property contains a hardwood forest, clean-running streams, and a beaver-pond wetland.


The property was acquired in 2006 from the Sunday Creek Coal Company using grants from the Clean Ohio Fund and the Ohio Division of Wildlife. The property is managed by a local citizens committee in cooperation with the Ohio Division of Wildlife.


An expansive network of pre-existing oil-well roads exist on the property and allows easy access for hikers and other visitors.  Public access for hiking and hunting is permitted without charge and is managed by the Ohio Division of Wildlife.  


The property also serves as a land lab for Trimble High School and Trimble Middle School. This land lab is called the Trimble Tomcat Environmental Learning Lab.  


Future plans for the Community Forest include an improved trail system, reclamation of unused oil well roads, and school projects in support of the land lab.




Trimble Township Community Forest, gate in ​front of forest