Appalachia Ohio Alliance is a good investment in our communities. For Every $1 donated, AOA can protect $20 worth of land and water resources.

Sometimes you need to buy a property to save it. Your membership support helps us:

  • Be a leader of private conservation efforts in central and south-central Ohio
  • Protect the water quality of our rivers, streams, and aquifers
  • Conserve riparian and greenway corridors, wetlands, and watershed recharge areas
  • Conduct nature-based education and outreach programs for youths and adults
  • Forge partnerships with other conservation organizations
  • Protect working family farms and preserve local food production
  • Protect unique natural areas, threatened or endangered species, community forests, archaeological, geologic, historic sites and scenic viewsheds

A minimum annual donation of $25 for an individual (but please consider a donation of $50 or $100) will enroll you as a member of AOA for the calendar year. You will receive invitations to events held on our properties, such as our annual banquet, and will be included on our email list. You can either pay with a credit card using the form below or print off and mail the Membership Form along with your check.


A memorial gift to AOA is a meaningful way to honor the memory of a friend or loved one. If you would like to make such a memorial gift, please mail in the Memorial Form with your donation. When the gift is received, AOA will send a note card with a memorial gift notice to the designated family or individual(s) notifying them that a memorial gift has been made in their honor. A memorial gift acknowledgement letter will also be sent to the donor(s).


If you are interested in joining the AOA Legacy Club to further the mission, goals and sustainability of our organization, we invite you to name AOA as beneficiary of your trust, retirement accounts or will or make a donation of real property, a conservation easement, or other assets, please contact Steve Goodwin directly. We will be happy to assist you. A Legacy Club Form can also be submitted to AOA by mail.


If you have already listed AOA in your will or shown us as a beneficiary on your retirement account, please let us know so we can thank you during your lifetime. 


You can also support AOA by enrolling in Kroger Community Rewards at and linking your Kroger Plus Card to Appalachia Ohio Alliance.  


For Every $1 donated, AOA can protect $20 worth of land and water resources. Thank you for supporting our conservation efforts.

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“AOA has targeted riparian lands along local streams and rivers. These streams are the circulatory system for our country and have not been treated with respect. AOA deserves all of our support to continue this good work,"

Paul Knoop