Conservation Easements

AOA protects a total of 6, 215 acres of private property with conservation easements. These easements include fifteen farm properties totaling 2, 027 acres.

A conservation easement (CE) is a voluntary conservation agreement between a landowner and a land trust like AOA. When a person donates or sells a conservation easement to a land trust, they permanently remove certain development rights and bind future owners of the land to the terms of the CE. CEs help protect natural areas, wetlands, agricultural lands, archaeological sites, historic areas, areas with unique geology, scenic views, wildlife habitat and riparian areas while keeping them privately owned.

Contact AOA if you would like to discuss how to protect your property with a conservation easement.

“We are delighted to preserve our 18 acres in Hocking County through an AOA conservation easement.  We procured tax deductions and are protecting an uncommon plant species (colic root) found in abundance on the property.”


Jon Jaeger and Kathy Guest

Moundview Farm Conservation Easement
AOA Conservation Easements hiking among rocks
Zeisler Conservation Easement
AOA Conservation Easements waterfall
Scenic Falls Conservation Easement